Studio 4

Formerly called Bloomington's SODC

Do you want to take your dancing to the next level?

If dance is something you enjoy and makes you light up inside, then team might be a great fit for you.  If you currently take two or more classes at Next Step, then adding team would be a natural progression.

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 team!


Arin A, Lauryn A, Peyton A, Ashley B, Mya B, Kylee C, Callie C, Tailey C, Alyssa C, Dayna F, Hannah F, Morgan G, Mackenzie G, Saalihya G, Abby G, Mia H, Gabby I, Ella K, Ty K, Gillian K, Cami K, Nellie K, Piper L, Maddison M, Ava M, Abbie N, Natalie O, Anna P, Kierra R, Elisa S, Ellie S, Eric S, Megan S, Melissa S, Ashtyn S, Blanka V, Maddy W, Olivia W, Alexandra W, Quincy W, Dasha Y, Ava Y

Coaches: Miss Lauren, Miss Regina

Artistic Director:  Jesica Matthews