Is your child new to dance?

Are you hesitant to enroll in a full session because you don't know whether or not your child will enjoy class? Trial Classes are built just for your new dancer!

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Thanks so much. She's gotten a lot out of the class and she loves her teacher!  We will be back for next session!
- Laura O

Hey Polly! A few months ago I mentioned a friend from Decatur that was possibly interested in classes and possibly joining the team. It looks like she will be contacting you to set up a trial class. I thought I'd give you a heads up! I've been telling her about how friendly, talented and reasonably priced your studio is and it looks like she finally wants to check it out!
- Brianna R

Polly, just wanted to say thank you for the great communication! Our former studio had zero communication so it’s nice to know exactly what to expect from schedules to fees. Quincy has grown so much in the last 2 years. She has learned more these 2 years then 5 years at her previous studio. She loves Next Step and her Studio 4 teammates are her real friends. Looking forward to a great season and grateful for Studio 4. Thanks for all you do.
- Best, Brandi W

I understand my granddaughter Josephine is now in a new class and loving it. We FaceTime’d this morning and she showed me her “moves.” Mostly twirling until she fell down! What fun!
- Sherry P

This is our first year with The Next Step Dance Studio. Our three-year-old Wynne is in Miss Sarah‘s Tappin' Tutus class on Thursday mornings. It's the highlight of her week! She absolutely loves all of her new friends and learning how to tap dance!
- Bridget V

Yes, Charlie loved Tumbling (and I think you have a great facility, great program, and great staff—you guys made a great impression on us!) so we will be back for next session!  We look forward to it! Thanks again
- Joy V

Hi Polly, I just wanted to let you know that Mariah and I both LOVE her hip hop teacher, Byron. Mariah's been in hip hop for a long time, but Byron is by far her favorite teacher. His combos are super fun and teaching her a new way to do hip hop that she's been wanting to do for a long time! He's patient and encouraging and she always leaves with a smile on her face, saying how much she loves it and Byron. Thank you so much for putting her in his class! We're both loving her experience at Next Step! Sincerely, 
- Aubrey E

We plan to be back for next session... she’s truly loved it!
- Kristy L

You guys are truly awesome. Thank you so much! I am so excited!
- Lisa L

Lily enjoyed Miss Gianna's class immensely and looks forward to starting classes again next session! Thank you,
- Sara L

I really love the class I'm taking - Regina is an awesome instructor!
- Kristen B

I had a message from you a couple days ago checking in on Cora....she loves dance! She's catching on and gets really excited when she gets the steps right. Thank you,
- Liz J

She absolutely loves class and always tells me it’s not time to leave yet when the class is over. Thanks so much!
- Morgan L

 Hi, Polly! Thanks for the quick response. We really love the classes. Both the instructors are AWESOME and the classes are GREAT! It has been a great experience and they’ve both LOVED it! Thanks again!
- Brandi K

We’re having a great experience at your studio. She’s loving the class. I threatened to ask to join in the performance because I’m learning the routine from watching the class 🙂 Thanks for checking in with us!
- Faith R

I wanted to send a quick note. My daughter had her first class in Bitty Ballerinas last night with Miss Samantha. SHE LOVED IT!!!!! She is simply delighted with the class. I was so happy to see her having a ton of fun and learning dance fundamentals. Thank you!!!
- Grace M

Dance Is Important

Watch your dancer's eyes light up with joy as she leaps across the studio floor expressing her creativity through the music that stirs her heart. Experience your child's excitement as she runs flying into your arms after class to breathlessly tell you every detail of what she learned. Hear your dancer tell you how much she loves her teacher and asks you "When is my next class?" Watch your preteen grow in self confidence as she learns to move her body in a beautiful, elegant way. Watch your son as he energetically gets ready for class each week because he knows he has friends at the studio. Be assured in the knowledge that your child's teacher accepts her just the way she is.

The Next Step Dance Studio was voted Reader's Choice (Pantagraph) best dance studio for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019!


Is your child new to dance?

Are you hesitant to enroll in a full session because you don't know whether or not your child will enjoy class? Trial Classes are built just for your new dancer!

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