Studio 4

Studio 4

Want to take your dancing to the next level?

Studio 4 is the competitive program of The Next Step Dance Studio. We strive for excellence in character and technique within our competitive program, and we place a strong emphasis on artistry. We take great pride in the level of instruction and choreography our program is founded upon, and we continue to refine, expand, and educate our staff and students as the dance industry changes from year to year. We believe in a solid fundamental dance education of all our staff and students, and we craft our dancers to be strong in body, mind, and technique. Our main goal and mission is to transform the dancer into an artist.



Jesica Schreiber Matthews - Artistic Director

Jessica Schreiber Matthews has been dancing and teaching in the Chicagoland area for the past thirty years. While she is classically trained in all genres of dance, gymnastics and tumbling; her emphasis is on ballet, contemporary, and jazz. Jessica attended Illinois State University as a dance major, was a company member to the Illinois State Dance Theatre, and has traveled the country to perform in the American College Dance Association. Jessica has danced for Brian Brooks, Eddy Ocampo, Joffrey Ballet, and Hubbard Street Dance Company. She has taken classes from American Ballet Theatre, Joel Hall, Joffrey Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance Company and Lou Conte. Through Jessica's teaching career she has been recognized both regionally and nationally for her choreography and costuming. She has earned myriad chorography awards, was awarded 2015 Teacher of the Year, and was named 2016 Choreographer of the Year. Under her directorship her students have equally shared in great success as they too have won numerous judges awards, first place overall awards, and grand champion awards on the regional and national competition circuit. Additionally, Jessica is a dance competition judge for Starpower, Revolution, and Believe Talent competitions. Jessica is currently the Artistic Director of the Studio 4 performing arts company in Central Illinois. The art of dance and performance has given Jessica many wonderful opportunities which have thus far defined her as an individual, and she is excited to share her knowledge and love of dance!

Competitive Dancers for the 2019-2020 season:

  • Peyton A
  • Aubry B
  • Charlee B
  • Anaya B
  • Makenna B
  • Khloe C
  • Kylee C
  • Callie C
  • Bree C
  • Maya D
  • Joli D
  • Dayna F
  • Hannah F
  • Morgan G
  • Jillian H
  • Mia H
  • Natalee H
  • Jasmine H
  • Will H
  • Gabby I
  • Ella K
  • Ty K
  • Cami K
  • Piper L
  • Anna L
  • Ayla M
  • Abbie N
  • Natalie O
  • Hazel O
  • Olivia P
  • Isabelle R
  • Kierra R
  • Kaebrynn R
  • Eric S
  • Megan S
  • Kadyn T
  • Blanka V
  • Maggie W
  • Maddy W
  • Olivia W
  • Quincy W

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